About Me

I'm a vibration/structural engineer, a volunteer firefighter (training to be an EMT), and an amateur radio operator living in the City of Lockport, NY.


After attending Elba Central School, I went to the University at Buffalo where I completed a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering and a Masters degree in Structural and Earthquake engineering, specializing in vibration data processing.

I volunteer at Wrights Corners Fire Company, where I have completed basic exterior firefighter training and am currently studying to be a NYS licensed Emergency Medical Technician.

Amateur Radio

AD2AL - Mark Hare

My FCC callsign is AD2AL. I obtained my Amateur Extra license in May 2020 after completing an examination through the Anchorage Amateur Radio Club. The exam was held virtually online due to the pandemic, but it went well and I was able to pass all three exams (just barely). I studied using hamstudy.org, which was an excellent resource. If you're visiting because of my card, I hope to talk to you on the radio soon!